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Logistic equipment management tool epal

“epal” is a cloud-based logistics container inventory management system that allows customers to easily manage the quantity of JPR rental pallets and their owned in-house logistics containers.

Easily verify shipment and arrival information on the WEB

Easy to install because it is cloud-based

You can use it with a PC connected to the Internet.
No development cost, maintenance cost, nor cost for upgrades.

Use it overseas

Overseas locations can be managed with the English version of epal.

Manage both rental pallets and owned containers

epal is available by default for JPR rental pallets.
With epal you can manage rented and owned logistics equipment together.

  • *Pre-registration is necessary so please inquire beforehand.

Pallet voucher digitization “epalDD”

Duplicate vouchers for rental pallets will be sequentially digitized.
The input work load to epal will be greatly reduced, saving time.

Introducing our customers using this service