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Cloud-based Individual Management System Logiarx

Logiarx can manage individual RTIs (pallets, carts, plastic containers, and other containers) on the cloud.
It contributes to customers’ operational improvement through smooth management, cost reduction by preventing loss, and analysis and utilization of individual data.

See the stock. Understand movement.

As each container is individually managed, it is possible to visualize where each container is located. It is also possible to trace where they are moved to.

Optimizing operations

We will utilize individual data to optimize all container operations.

Data is automatically imported to save labor

Logiarx supports RFID and 2D barcode tools, and can also input data from various systems.
The accuracy of management is improved by automatically collecting individual data and saving labor.

Cloud-based software makes it easy to get started

All you need is a PC with an internet connection.
There is no development cost, maintenance cost, or worry about upgrading.

Can be used overseas

English, Chinese and Korean versions are available.
Management is possible between foreign and domestic bases.

Data reader option available

We also provide a handheld reader, smartphone app, gate type reading devices, and RF tags.
We will prepare a reading device suitable for your environment.
Please contact us for more information.

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