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Message from the President

To be a driving force toward enriching the society we live in

Thank you for your continued support of JPRʼs products and services.

JPR was founded in 1971 with the goal of alleviating pressure on those working tirelessly in the logistics field, and since then we have continued to pursue total palletization with our customers and partners based on the concepts of standardization and collaboration.

The looming “2024 Problem” facing the logistics industry highlights how indispensable this field is for both everyday lives and corporate activities.

The inefficiencies at logistics hubs and inter-corporate junctions that lead to the excessive hours for truck drivers—including manual loading/unloading and long wait times—require social solutions made possible through standardization and collaboration. Total palletization is one such solution.

When it comes to logistics, the significance of standardization and collaboration is easily recognizable, but so is the difficulty in achieving those goals. This is largely due to each company having designed the best logistics system for their needs and working hard to improve that system. At JPR, we recognize the need for mutual understanding between companies and logistics sites and for introducing a concrete system for total palletization.

We are dedicated to bringing these concepts to life.

Since joining JPR, I have had the opportunity to speak and work with many different logistics customers and partners toward total palletization, and such efforts are the backbone of JPRʼs business to emphasize the importance of working directly with those in the industry to provide unparalleled services.

We also remain dedicated to improving our services, such as by utilizing the inter-company logistics data we have been building in recent years, and to contributing toward sustainability in the logistics industry, including by reducing the burden on the environment.

We greatly appreciate the continued support and utilization of our products and services.

We look forward to the opportunity to contribute and do great things together in the future.

Atsushi Futamura
President & CEO