A service company to optimize flow of goods in the community
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Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Becoming a driving force for
enriching our society

Since its founding in 1971, JPR has pursued standardization, sharing, and consistent palletization, none of which were traditionally common, to alleviate heavy work. In this way, we have been striving to improve efficiency in logistics and develop infrastructure.
JPR’s philosophy does not change with the times and the business environment.

JPR will continue to provide systems to meet the needs of society. As a platformer based on standardization and sharing, we will continue to grow to become a driving force for enriching our society.


A service company to optimize the flow of goods in the community

  • Enrich society through ideas and systems
  • Think outside the box and create new market value
  • Provide sustainable services to meet the needs of society


Employees at JPR share the following values:

  • To be honest and gain true trust

    We will commit ourselves to our customers, will think about their needs with them, will communicate the risks involved to them honestly, and will listen to them. We will become a true partner that can be trusted.

  • To perform tasks as true professionals

    We will perform tasks as true professionals. We will work steadily, consistently, and efficiently and will meet deadlines. We will learn about our customers, industry, market, and society. We will propose needs and solutions to our customers at a high level.

  • To use our creativity and take on challenges boldly

    We will continue to improve. We will not be afraid of changes and will think outside the box, aiming for better performance and better results in response to changes.

  • To act voluntarily and proactively

    We will take the initiative. We will consider what is necessary to improve value for the customer and us. We will consider also the purpose and nature of tasks. We will work proactively, not reactively.

  • To consider how to accomplish tasks instead of why we cannot accomplish them

    We will not look for reasons that we cannot accomplish tasks. Instead, we will consider how to accomplish them. We will consider how to act proactively and take on challenges boldly. We will find solutions to make possible what our customers think to be impossible.

Guidelines for action

  • We will take our customers’ expectations of products and services seriously and we will respond to them sincerely.
  • We will conduct transactions fairly with all customers.
  • We will create communicative workplaces, respecting each other’s human rights and characteristics.
  • We will participate in the local community as a member of that community and will actively contribute to society.
  • We will contribute proactively to environmental conservation.
  • We will have no relations with any antisocial forces.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations, corporate ethics, and international rules.